A piece I wrote for Azure Magazine on sustainable LEGO got me thinking about the toys I played with as a kid, and the kinds of toys I play with today with my daughter. And as I talk about in the piece, LEGO's familiarity across generations is (one small part) of makes it one of... Continue Reading →


How We Build Better Trees

In August I had the opportunity to travel to China with Asia Pulp & Paper, one of the world's largest paper companies, to learn how they were greening their supply chain. After touring paper factories around Shanghai, our group of journalists and company chaperones travelled to Hainan Island in the South China Sea to visit... Continue Reading →

Blogging on the Great Lakes

This summer I had the pleasure of working with the team at Toronto-based Waterlution as they build awareness and generate interest among Ontarians for the Great Lakes. Not a traditional 'Save the Great Lakes!' from (name a calamity—pollution, invasive species, microbead plastics, etc), but rather it's been an exercise in helping people who live within... Continue Reading →

Great Lakes Drinking Water

It's been a while! But I got back recently from an Institute for Journalism and Natural Resources fellowship and thought I would share a few photos from the trip around Lake Erie. The topic was drinking water and the threats it faces in the basin from pollution, eroding confidence in public utilities, plastic pollution and ageing infrastructure.... Continue Reading →

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